We build powder-based 3D printers that enable the unimaginable, produce the remarkable and shape the impossible.
Our accessible ecosystem allows you to create accurate, complex parts with novel material properties, unprecedented scalability, and waste upcycling options – all in a single platform.
Harnessing the power of additive manufacturing
Traditional production methods like casting or injection molding have several limitations, whether in terms of manufacturing cost-effectiveness, limited part complexity and material properties, or generated waste. At CONCR3DE, we harness the power of additive manufacturing to overcome these shortcomings and create the previously unimaginable. Based on our proprietary binder jetting 3D print technology, we offer the most versatile platform and expertise to print functional products – in any size and any powder-based material.
Materials that meet your requirements
CONCR3DE has a focus on printing inorganic materials such as stone, ceramics and metals. This allows us to meet material requirements such as aesthetic properties, outdoor use, biocompatibility and shock, heat, or electrical resistance. With our binder jetting technology, any material is possible. In research settings, our Armadillo printers have been used to print a huge range of materials - including sawdust, nylon, geopolymers, salt and more.
Scalability in high-quality hardware
Our 3D printer range allows cost-effective production by selecting the print volume that fits your application – from the size of a Rubik’s Cube to the size of a building facade. This makes it possible to test small and produce big without the need to switch platforms or figure out new parameters. Depending on your material and application requirements, CONCR3DE customizes the setup with in-printer add-ons or external stations to fit your needs, resulting in an integral solution. All high-quality hardware is designed for industrial use and robust performance.
Matteo Baldassari
Sergii Guzenko
Lead Project Engineer
Henri Perruchon
Mechatronics Engineer
Mark de Weerd
Operations Manager
Nikhil Menezes
Mechatronics Engineer
Eric Geboers
Zero Waste & Upcycling as core values
CONCR3DE enables accurately printing complex shapes with zero waste. Any powder residue can be recycled for the next print job. Even better: our print technology allows true upcycling of stone, concrete and other raw materials. Worthless (or even expensive to dispose of) waste streams and original material residue can now be used to create new or restoration products! One of the many options is to crush (remains of) existing stone and reuse it as a print material.
Cooperation to accelerate towards your goals
As our curiosity does not end there, we invite researchers to adjust our open software and hardware settings and create new powder and binder compositions. With CONCR3DE, you can benefit from our years of experience through our services focused on joint development, process optimization or co-production. Whether you are looking for a unique research or prototyping platform, industrial or high-tech complex functional parts production or printing large-scale architectural designs: CONCR3DE is your 3D Powderhouse.


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