Creating complex forms in stone or minerals using traditional methods is an expensive task. Designs are often produced in small series or as one-offs. CONCR3DE combines the benefits of additive manufacturing with the scalability and materials to create any shape – fast, cost-efficient, and of the highest quality.

Shaping the impossible

Your vision in design and sustainability, brought to life without concessions. CONCR3DE overcomes traditional shape, production, or cost limitations by unlocking the benefits of additive manufacturing for your creations. Our technology allows 3D printing in stone, using recycled materials from construction waste streams. We generate zero waste and can print objects on any scale.

Produce complex shapes with ease

Making complex forms in stone using traditional methods is often a specialist, labor-intensive, hence expensive task. Many designs are produced in small series or as one-offs. CONCR3DE now combines the benefits of additive manufacturing with the scalability and material properties to produce anything your customer asks for – fast, cost-efficient, and of the highest quality.

Shaping the impossible

Create larger than life shapes & landmarks
Our 3D printer range includes solutions for any size – with printed dimensions from 100 x 100 x 80 mm up to 6 x 3 x 1 meters in a single print! CONCR3DE lets you create anything from a small restoration solution or art piece up to outdoor furniture or an entire building façade. Your designs can now include complex shapes and intricate details previously unimaginable or simply impossible or too expensive to manufacture in stone-like materials.
Digital workflow & file-to-factory fabrication
As a designer, you have the latest design software in your toolbelt. Anything can be imagined in the digital world, aided by sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to help you take your digital creation into the physical world.
The materials to let your design shine
Over the years, we have perfected the art of binder jetting minerals like marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, and more. Select one of the readily available materials from our catalogue, or even suggest your own material. if a material is available (or can be changed into) powder form, our team can work with you to print objects in unique material mixes or even upcycle waste materials. By using our dedicated sealers, the resulting objects are robust and ready to withstand the elements.
Sustainability as your signature
Additive manufacturing improves sustainability by reducing material use. At CONCR3DE, we take the next step - rethinking where our print materials originate. Recycling waste streams from the stone industry, we transform previously worthless compounds into printable materials. By incorporating local waste, you can even create local expressions in the material. Mixed with our minerals, you can use minimum impact materials in our zero-waste process to print objects in any size.

Produce complex shapes with ease

Materials you trust
Our binder jetting platform allows you to 3D print complex forms in materials such as limestone, granite, and marble compounds. Thanks to excellent material properties and the ability to be sealed for outdoor use, your customers can literally build on the products leaving your production facility.
Exceptional scalability
CONCR3DE gives you an easy path from small scale prototyping to large-scale manufacturing. Test designs, finishes and materials on our Armadillo platform and when you’re ready, scale up to the large-scale printer, which allows you to print objects of up to 6 meters in size. All printers use the same base technology, meaning you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
Sustainable manufacturing
Our platform makes it possible to upcycle - using waste streams to create new objects. Materials like stone sawdust and filter cake, or even minerals retrieved from urban mining processes can be used as printing materials. Combined with the raw materials reduction and our zero-waste process, we can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated in large-scale manufacturing together.


Our product range for construction and design applications enables smooth implementation of industrial-scale additive manufacturing in your existing production process. CONCR3DE offers end-to-end solutions that include our custom print preparation software, printers facilitating a clean and dust-free process on any scale, as well as all applicable handling and post processing tools.

Armadillo Gray

This small-scale printer features all applicable add-ons for printing stone-like materials. It includes integrated NOAH control and the Reduction Insert to allow for small prints. Create smaller parts or test shapes before printing full-scale objects or elements.

Large-Scale printing

CONCR3DE offers binder jetting production systems in several sizes. Our hardware can print stone-like compounds with incredible detail in sizes up to 6 x 3 x 1 meters. This allows you to easily scale up dimensions or create series of products in a single run.

Co-Production Service

Once your hardware is installed, CONCR3DE can help you further optimize your production. We can forward third-party production requests that fit your infrastructure. Our team can also support you with project advice or pre-production testing - we are here for you.

Powders, Binders & Sealers

The Armadillo Gray and our large-scale printers can print our entire stone and mineral powder range, including compounds like limestone, granite, marble and more. These powders are bound using the CONCR3DE G3CO binder and can be treated using our sealers.
Material Property Value
Compressive strength 23 MPa
Tensile strength 5 MPa
Bulk density 1.200 kg/m3
Printed density 1.700 kg/m3
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