Custom Materials

Our open binder jetting platform allows printing in any powder-based material, including for example biopolymers, nylon, and more.
The highly versatile CONCR3DE binder jetting technology offers unprecedented material opportunities, for example in terms of upcycling waste streams to create new products. The below compounds have all been tested by our team and verified for use in our printers. Do you have other material ideas? Challenge us!
Biopolymers, Nylon, Refractories, Wood Pulp Sand, Sawdust, Geopolymers, Photocuring polymers.
Your material or waste stream?

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Research & Development
Thanks to our fully accessible binder jetting platform, material scientists and researchers can explore the full potential of 3D printing novel materials. Our versatile research & development product range supports your goals.
Armadillo White
Consistently test with tiny material volumes, benefit from built-in hardware support for compounds that cure with heat or UV light, or analyze and adjust the binder drop size, speed, and shape – it’s all possible. Armadillo White is a researcher’s dream.
CONCR3DE offers value-adding services every step of the way - from the moment you first consider 3D printing to running industrial-scale production. Material research, specific application and process optimizations – we are here for you.
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