Ceramics & Metals

Our scalable 3D printer range supports a wide and expanding range of powders, including technical ceramics and metals with exceptional properties.


The range of ceramic compounds verified for use with our 3D printers offers exceptional properties in terms of for example heat resistance and shock resistance. Do you have specific wishes in terms of complex shapes, material properties or design parameters? Contact us to learn more!
CONCR3DE Alumina 92%
Powder Nabalox
Binder CerPrint
Colour White
Chemistry 92 wt% Al2O3
Bending Strength > 150 Mpa
Open porosity < 7%
Density > 3,2 g/cm3
Silicon carbide, Hydroxyapatite, Porcelain, Stoneware
Compound Type Compatibility
C-binder Solvent Ceramics


The below metalic compounds are available for use on our exceptionally scalable binder jetting platform. CONCR3DE tested and validated all materials for use with our printer range. Are you looking for something else? Let us know - we are here to help.
Stainless steel S316L, Stainless steel 17-4 PH, Copper, Bronze
Binders & Sealers
Compound Type Compatibility
M-binder Solvent Metals

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Industry & High-Tech
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Armadillo Blue
This printer comes equipped with all applicable add-ons for industrial and high-tech applications. It includes integrated NOAH control, the Reduction Insert for small prints, our printhead capping system to use fast-drying binders, and more.
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Our large-scale printers can print with incredible detail in sizes up to 6 x 3 x 1 meters. This allows you to easily scale up dimensions after testing shapes and compounds or create a full batch products in a single production run.
CONCR3DE offers value-adding services every step of the way - from the moment you first consider 3D printing to running industrial-scale production. Material research, specific application and process optimizations – we are here for you.
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