Armadillo Blue

Our Armadillo Blue binder jetting 3D printer was specifically designed for industry and high-tech applications.

The standard for Industry & High-tech

Armadillo Blue is the cost-efficient production platform of choice to create high-quality products and parts in materials like technical ceramics and metals. This printer is compatible with CONCR3DE binders for printing metal or ceramic materials and features several additional modules that make it highly suitable for high tech materials and applications It offers a large workspace based on our high precision jetting system and comes with our intuitive open software.

Exceptional material versatility

Validated materials
Armadillo Blue supports a range of fully validated metals and technical ceramics. Current options include alumina, silicon carbide,stainless steel S316L, copper and more. Several exciting additions are currently in their final development phase. Ifyou are looking use Armadillo Blue to print a specific compound, our experienced team is at your service to advise and support.
Infrared heater
Certain powders require high temperature curing or bind faster at higher temperatures. The Infrared Heater is based on a powerful infrared curing lamp and allows you to control the print bed temperature. The Infrared Heater makes it possible to increase the temperature up to 80°C. The Infrared Heater can be conveniently managed through our NOAH software.

Full process control

Integrated NOAH control
Armadillo Blue includes an integrated control station with our custom and fully open NOAH software pre-installed on optimized hardware. NOAH offers full access to all parameters of the printing process and controls the add-ons. Set layer heights, temperature, speed, binder saturation and more. The slicer enables adjusting the geometry of a every layer or importing complex geometries.
Reduction Insert
When testing materials for specific application, the ability to print small parts using a limited amount of powder significantly improves efficiency. The print size Reduction Insert was designed for testing purposes, reducing time, costs, and waste. It is especially useful when using high-value materials such as precious metals, reducing the total material required to start producing to less than 1 liter, or print dimensions of 100 x 100 x 80 mm.
Depowdering Box
This metal tool has identical dimensions to the Armadillo Blue print bed. It allows for easy removal of an entire print volume for post-processing without the need to depowder in its green state. The Depowdering Box is a great fit with fragile parts that require oven curing, such as ceramics. The Depowering Box is compatible with mechanical lifting tools, such as forklifts or hoists.

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Ceramics & Metals
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Binder jet 3D printing is based on two key elements: a powder and a binder. The powder can be a concrete, metal, ceramic, or other material you want to bond in powder form. The binder is a liquid, which acts as an adhesive between powder layers.

Technical specifications

Armadillo Blue
Print box dimensions 370 x 260 x 250 mm
Capacity 24.000 cm3 / day
Printhead precision 400 DPI
Layer height 130 µm
Powder compatibility Nabalox alumina powder
Binder compatibility CerPrint, G3Co Aqueous
Connectivity Ethernet (cable included)
Power requirements 230 V
Dimensions 1.600 x 1.100 x 1.600 mm
Space requirements 2.400 x 2.000 x 2.200 mm
Weight 450 kg
Software NOAH (included)
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